ELAM Nepal measures your investment performance; the indicators will be tracked with comparison of various standards from market size to industry standards. Evaluation in forms of return on equity, return on assets, return on capital employed done through extensive analysis to view and present current status of business. Identifying with facts and figure, we suggest for the ratios, combinations, alteration with expected result and growth. 

ELAM Nepal analyses your capital structure coverage with debt fund and equity fund combination to leverage risk and increase return on fund.

ELAM Nepal check out current debt fund rate of interest, compare it to market offering rates, proposed FBI for lesser cost to capital funds.ELAM Nepal helps ventures for portfolio management with suggestion of adding/reducing new ventures and investment. 

ELAM Nepal identifies cost centres and their impact (short run and long run) on business along with direct and indirect benefits. After conclusions, cost centres may be reduced or closed. Alongside cost benefits analysis will also be carried on.