ELAM Nepal identifies business needs and determining solutions to business problems. Proposed solutions may consist of process improvement, organisational changes or strategic planning and policy development. ELAM Nepal evaluates actions to improve the operation of business system. This may require an examination of organisational structure and staff development needs to ensure that they are in line with any proposed process redesign and system development.

ELAM Nepal do extensive process flow mapping of business cycles , like as , purchase cycle , receivable cycle , payment cycle , cash flow cycle , supply chain analysis , fixed assets management , inventory management , loan management etc. After detailed analysis, suggest efficient and effective process with resulted facts and outputs.

ELAM Nepal use different techniques which include:

a) Brainstorming

b) Document analysis

c) Focus group

d) Interface analysis

e) Interviews

f) Workshops

g) Task analysis

h) Surveys

i) Process mapping etc to collect on depth information’s for analysis to offer best proposed outputs.

ELAM Nepal focuses major forms of analysis:

a) Architecture analysis

b) Business process analysis

c) Object oriented analysis

d)Structured analysis

e) Data analysis.

Finally, ELAM Nepal proposes solution, using data and models to make better decisions, to improve policy making, to develop strategy and to improve day to day operations of organisations.